Adrian Udrea

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Adrian Udrea (aka Adrian Adi)  is a male model who is from Bucharest, Romania. I was reading a book that contained some photography of Micrius Aecrim, who it also from Romania and does some interesting photography. Micrius specializes in sports, travel and wedding photography. He also has a keen eye for the male form, something he developed after becoming a fan of the Dieux Du Stade calendars and videos. Micrius has used Adrian is many of his photo shoots and he is featured on Micrius’ website.

Adrian Udrea

Adrian Udrea’s great Abs!

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We love Adrian’s masculine look, he muscular but overly so. He got six pack abs, great muscular legs and dark hair and eyes giving him an exotic look. He is twenty-six years old and grew up on the black sea coast. Friends and acquaintances of Adrian recognized his talents and encouraged him to get into modeling. Lucky for us Adrian decided to give it a try, he takes modeling very serious and treats it like an acting gig, our friends on America’s Next Top Model would be proud.

Adrian Udrea

Adrian Udrea

Great Colors!

He has done some interesting model shoots, one in particular was an anti-drug campaign where Adrian simulated different kinds of drug use and the final shots show that he has overdosed. I saw some images from that shoot and they look very real.

Adrian is a humble kind of guy and we hope his modeling career takes off. He definitely has the look!

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  1. Beaumont

    December 17, 2013

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    Thanks so much for posting about Adrian (am playing catch up). Looking around the web, seems he’s underrated/underappreciated… Not a celebrity, okay (BeautifulMag/Room With A View), and understatement is always attractive (both looks and attitude, sure) but it is showbiz. Alas. See Doug King (crashed out already?), Eliad Cohen (still going strong)…

    All to say: good luck! And thanks again. :) /canada

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