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It’s hard to believe that 2013 is almost over and 2014 is upon us. I remember when I was a kid I thought living 2014 would be like living life like in a Jetson’s cartoon. I may not have a hoover craft or a bed that makes itself but I do have a VW Jetta and a Keurig! One of the best things we have it hot calendar men and it’s time to get your new inspiration for 2014. I’m not a morning person but I have found it’s best to do my workouts in the morning and get it over with. Part of my routine is to look at my calendar men while I make my morning coffee. For 2013 I have the Boy Next Door Wall Calendar by David Arnot. These calendars have some of the hottest guys, I bought the 2012 calendar too! For the Boy Next Door 2014 calendar there is a new photographer, Max Orlov, and of course new, gorgeous male models from Australia or Europe. Hawaii is always a fun destination with hot men, check out the Men of Hawaii’s Facebook page.

2014 Boy Next Door Calendar

Calendar Men 2014

Boy Next Door 2014 Calendar

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I still haven’t made up my mind and here are some other calendars that I’m considering:

Tom Daley 2014 Calendar

Tom Daley 2014 Calendar

Tom Daley Shirtless 2014

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I love Tom Daley, he’s got such a finely tuned body and he’s just so cute. If you can’t wait for the next Olympics you can get the calendar in the meantime and make the countdown fun and inspirational.

Men’s Daily 2014 Calendar

2014 Daily Hunk Calendar

2014 Daily Hunk Calendar

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I’m really thinking of getting a daily calendar. Think of the extra motivation to getting up each day to find a new hunk waiting for you. It’s also a great way to track how things went for the day or what you should focus on.

Hot Guys and Baby Animals 2014 Calendar

Hot Guys and Baby Animals

Hot Men with Baby Animals

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If you love hot guys and baby animals this calendar is the best of both worlds. See the hottest guys with the cutest animals.

2014 Men’s Nude Calendar

Provocateur Calendar

2014 Provocateur Calendar

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Perhaps your morning inspiration involves a little nook nook action. If you’re looking for the full Monty the 2014 Provocateur Masculinity Wall Calendar has really hot men in provocative poses.

Tom Daley isn’t the only prominent Olympian to come out, find out what other record breaking Olympic athlete came out this year!

Calendar Men 2015

Have you seen the new 2015 Calendar Men? I was at Barnes and Noble last week and saw a few on the new calendars. Hot guys with cute animals was the first one I saw, these are a bit silly but fun to look at.

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    December 15, 2013

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    I ended up getting the daily calendar because 12 men just isn’t enough!

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