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Dario Beck is quite the head turner. Perhaps it’s those handsome Latin features, the tall slender physique or that warm smile? Dario Beck first caught our attention back in 2009, we knew back then he would be a star. Dario has a Facebook account and he has some great stories and there are also a lot of hot pictures of him, check out Dario’s Facebook Page. He’s got the full package; a handsome face, a ripped body and a great smile! He also has a sophisticated look and looks dashing with or without his clothes on.

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Dario Beck

Dario Beck

Dress Hot like Dario

Dario Beck

Dario Beck on the Rocks

See More of Dario Beck (Adults Only)

Dario’s Modeling Career

He started out modeling in Europe and eventually caught the eye of Titanmen, who quickly approached him. Soon after he was traveling from Spain to San Francisco to get his film career started. The staff of Titan Men took him to the Castro right away and Dario thought he could get used to this lifestyle pretty quickly. Dario was open to the idea of being a gay film star and started making videos for Titan Men and has been an exclusive of theirs ever since. He is one of our favorite performers and he is an adventurous and versatile guy.

Dario Beck Jump

Dario Beck gets some air

Dress Hot like Dario

Blame it on Dario Beck

We love the twinkle Dario has in his eyes and that warm smile. When you see videos of him he has that permagrin that is so cute you just want to pinch his checks! Watch Dario’s video where he is in the shower in his underwear singing to the song “Blame it on the Bossa Nova”.

Check out Dario Beck and Woody Fox in Dairy of a Fox!

Diary of a Fox

Diary of a Fox

Tidbits on Dario

Aside from his stunning good looks, Dario is a lighthearted, down to earth guy who loves cheeseburgers and flirting. He grew up in Italy and Germany and currently resides in Spain. Dario’s favorite features on a guy are strong legs and nice eyes.

Dario Beck Videography


Crotch Rocket: The Best of Trenton Ducati


The Sex of Angels

Extra Firm





Command Performance



Dust Devils



Thrill Ride


Mockingjay Men

When I went to see the movie Gone Girl about a month ago I sat patiently watching the previews all excited because I thought I was going to get to see Ben Affleck full frontal as several of my friends and blogs and told me about. To my disappointment the end of the movie came and there was only a brief scene where Ben Affleck gets in the shower and if you blink you will definitely miss it. There may be a chance once the movie comes on DVD and BluRay that you may be able to freeze frame the scene and see his unit but I’m not going to home my breath. I wouldn’t be surprised if our friend Ben Affleck is just wearing a flesh colored speedo. Something to point out is there were several hot trailers for movies coming out in the next few months. The first being Hunger Games Mockingjay, it looks a lot better than the second movie Catching Fire, which I thought was disappointing. In my opinion the first half of that movie was slow moving and boring and the second half was just a rehash of the first movie. I remember I went to see it in the theaters with one of my best friends and he fell asleep! I do hope the third Hunger Games movie shows more of Liam Helmsworth. They have this gorgeous man and they barely do anything with him, granted they are trying to follow the books but at least throw in some more scenes of Liam Helmsworth shirtless! Another hot preview was Fifty Shades of Grey. Jamie Dornan looks super hot as Christian Grey but I did hear some disappointing news, apparently Jamie said he will not appear nude in the film. I was really hoping for a Jamie Dornan frontal but I guess he wouldn’t be having it. Fifty Shades is coming out Valentine’s day of all days, do they really think that this is a date movie?

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    He’s one of our favorite guys. Glad we could help and thanks for sharing!

  2. Sebastian

    January 5, 2014

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    I love Dario and his movies too! I heard he has a new one out but I don’t remember the name:(

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