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I was first introduced to Sam Underwood on the final season of Dexter. Sam portrayed a character named Zack that showed the same psychopathic tendencies as Dexter. Dr Vogel, the one that helped developed the code for Dexter, saw potential in Zack and thought he could learn the code as well. Dexter took Zack on as an apprentice or protégé of sorts and I thought Zack would be a regular on the show, perhaps they would even develop a spin-off? That was all too good to be true because Zack was killed off only a few episodes after he was introduced. The actor that played Zack is Sam Underwood and I was delighted to learn that he was cast in the third season of Homeland!

Sam Underwood Shirtless

Sam Underwood Shirtless

Sam plays the love interest of Dana, it isn’t a big part but it will be interesting to see if the role grows. Sam looks a lot like Zack Efron. Only a few episodes into Homeland we have got to see him with his shirt off and also in a love scene with Dana in a pile of laundry.

Sam Underwood on the Stage

Like most of the male actors on Homeland Sam Underwood is a British actor. He is twenty-five years old. Sam has done some notable theater work including Equus and The Picture of Dorian Grey.

Sam Underwood as Dorian Gray

Sam Underwood as Dorian Gray

Sam Underwood Nude

 We learned that he co-starred with Alec Baldwin in 2010 for the stage production of Equus and appeared nude on stage. If you haven’t seen the play it is both disturbing and erotic at the same time. We saw a local version of the play sans Sam Underwood. Wish we could have gone to that play with Sam as the lead!

Sam Underwood's butt in Equus

Sam Underwood’s butt in Equus

The Following

Currently, Sam Underwood appears in the TV series The Following, he plays a dual role as the twins Luke and Mark. On his role Sam said,
“Luke is a very complex individual. Very dangerous. He has a lot of charm about him and a bit narcissistic and you can expect a lot of mischief out of his endeavors over the season.”

Sam Underwood Filmography

2013 Zero Hour

2013 Dexter

2013 Homeland

2014 The Following

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