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Topher is a hot model turned adult actor who is of Italian and Irish decent (now that’s a hot mix)! Topher was born and raised in Hawaii and also grew up in Houston, Texas. After graduating High School Topher was approached by an agent who was interested in representing him. It wasn’t long before he was doing modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch. Topher’s abs were featured on the store’s shopping bag for 3 seasons. He also modeled for Maserati, Nordstrom and Andrew Christian Underwear (below).

Andrew Christian Underwear

Andrew Christian has great underwear and Topher makes them look even better. Check out Topher Dimaggio jumping out of a big birthday present box holding a cake and wishing them a Happy Birthday to Andrew Christian. Topher is one of their most popular models and now has his own line of underwear with the brand. We have noticed more and more adult film actors modeling for them including Johnny Rapid.

Andrew Christian and a new line of glow underwear, Topher Dimaggio helped to kick things off at the glow underwear party. Check out Topher and all the other guys in their hot glowing underwear.

Topher DiMaggio

Topher DiMaggio at the Glow Party

Topher DiMaggio Top to Bottom

We have seen Topher top a lot of hot guys but we were always dreaming of seeing Topher DiMaggio Bottom. It was with his boyfriend, not sure if they are still together and it’s really hot. Check out Topher Top to Bottom! Topher looks a little new to that scene as you can tell, hopefully we will see him do it more and he’ll be more relaxed. We would love to see him pair up with Tommy Defendi!

World’s Smallest Underwear

Have your seen the world’s smallest underwear? We would love to see Topher DiMaggio try on some of this underwear, he would look so sexy in it! Better yet have a hot underwear party with only the smallest underwear in the world. You have to check out this hot video!

Topher Dimaggio

Topher Dimaggio Cubed

See Topher Dimaggio in Action (Adults ONLY!)


Topher as Adult Actor

After enjoying some success as a model, Topher got more offers to do nude modeling and amateur videos. Topher thought it would be fun to try something new and he wasn’t afraid to show off his body so he gave it a try. That was back in 2007 and now Topher has become one of the top performers in the industry.

When asked about his porn name Topher said,

“Topher is actually my middle name…Christopher…and then DiMaggio is my Italian family name. A lot of people just go with a name they think is hot. You just pick it and go with it. Last names are kind of like drag queens, they tend to run together a lot of times. Like the “Wildes” are all together and have that name for a reason. But mostly you just pick something you think is hot.”

Topher Dimaggio Underwear

Topher takes off his Underwear!

See Topher Dimaggio in Action (Adults ONLY!)



Watch Topher dancing at the Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas. You can see he’s got great moves and looks like a fun guy as you can see him above being playful with his underwear on his head.

As we mentioned earlier Topher’s killer abs were featured on an Abercrombie shopping bag. We were hoping to find his pics in a catalog but couldn’t find any. Below is a picture of Topher that is in the style of an Abercrombie and Fitch shot.

Topher Dimaggio Abercrombie

Topher Dimaggio
Abercrombie Style

When he’s not performing or working on his insanely sculpted body, you can often find Topher listening to K-pop (IU, 2NE1, Big Bang, and 2PM are some of his favorite artists), reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies, and playing World of Warcraft. He also enjoys nights in doing dinners and movies with his boyfriend.Topher is not at all bashful about sharing his opinion or dishing dirt on people that he’s interacted with personally. Needless to say, it makes for a fun video. Check out Bang Marry Kill and see what we mean!

Topher and Michael Silas

I recently saw Topher DiMaggio along with one of my other favorite guys, Michael Silas. If you don’t know Michael Silas he used be a Lady Gaga dancer. He’s got a great body too, look at those abs! He was great when I saw him tour with Gaga and he was the stand out dancer.

GoPro Men

Do you like to make hot video of gorgeous men? Check out these hot men and the awesome videos they were able to make with the GoPro video camera. Go GoPro Men!

Topher Dimaggio and Michael Silas

Topher Dimaggio and Michael Silas

Mockingjay Men

When I went to see the movie Gone Girl about a month ago I sat patiently watching the previews all excited because I thought I was going to get to see Ben Affleck full frontal as several of my friends and blogs and told me about. To my disappointment the end of the movie came and there was only a brief scene where Ben Affleck gets in the shower and if you blink you will definitely miss it. There may be a chance once the movie comes on DVD and BluRay that you may be able to freeze frame the scene and see his unit but I’m not going to home my breath. I wouldn’t be surprised if our friend Ben Affleck is just wearing a flesh colored speedo. Something to point out is there were several hot trailers for movies coming out in the next few months. The first being Hunger Games Mockingjay, it looks a lot better than the second movie Catching Fire, which I thought was disappointing. In my opinion the first half of that movie was slow moving and boring and the second half was just a rehash of the first movie. I remember I went to see it in the theaters with one of my best friends and he fell asleep! I do hope the third Hunger Games movie shows more of Liam Helmsworth. They have this gorgeous man and they barely do anything with him, granted they are trying to follow the books but at least throw in some more scenes of Liam Helmsworth shirtless! Another hot preview was Fifty Shades of Grey. Jamie Dornan looks super hot as Christian Grey but I did hear some disappointing news, apparently Jamie said he will not appear nude in the film. I was really hoping for a Jamie Dornan frontal but I guess he wouldn’t be having it. Fifty Shades is coming out Valentine’s day of all days, do they really think that this is a date movie?

Hottest Holiday Men

Two things we love are the holiday season and men. We are guessing if you are on manshine.com you love the later and honestly who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s fun to shop and have that extra time to spend with your honey. Finding this that will make his life easier and make him even hotter. Take a look at some of best-selling gifts for men.

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